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MITI - Managed IT Infrastructure

MITI is an open source platform that is agnostic both to software / content applications such that if airlines prefer goods or services from third party vendors, they can readily integrate them into the MITI system, without airlines becoming captive to any specific supplier. This capability enables airlines to define and control a cabin IT environment that is cost effective to install and support, that is brand and experience enhancing for passengers and that is upgradable as additional capabilities are required or discarded.


The MITI platform is designed to be offered on multiple aircraft types. MITI is client-led and targeted at those solutions that pure IFE specialists often overlook, such as the requirement for those seat-centric services like retailing, communication and operation disruption management. Our approach will allow third parties to offer, targeted advertising, payment gateways, loyalty programs, promotions and surveys to potentially enhance ancillary revenues.

  • WIFI Backbone

  • Managed Solution Software Integration

  • Open Source

  • No Downtime

  • Provision of Hardware

  • Docker software platform

  • Installation of hardware

  • Complete STC approval package

  • Integration of third party Content partners

  • Pan European support package

  • Repair and maintenance